Jessa Nootbaar

Jessa Nootbaar, a Bay Area native, spent 5 years studying Sociology in New York, Edinburgh, and London, is grateful and ecstatic to be a part of the JustRide instructor team. She has been a dedicated rider since skeptically trying her first spin class over 3 years ago and has dreamed of taking the podium since then. She integrates values of mindfulness within rhythm-based cycling in order to bring presence and compassion, as well as good humor and unapologetic fun, to everyone’s ride. Her playlists incorporate alt pop, rap/hip hop, 2000s pop, R&B, and any song that feels good to move to. When she’s not on a bike, Jessa is meditating, practicing yoga, organizing for social equity, going to the farmer’s market, or eating a vegan & gluten-free meal (she has been vegan for almost 10 years!).