Keresey Dillon

Keresey is a performer at heart and whether it’s on the stage or on the podium, she never gives less than 100%. She has been a dancer, singer, and athlete her whole life, and aside from teaching at JustRide, she choreographs for schools all over southern California. She has a passion for teaching, inspiring, and helping others achieve their goals. She currently lives in Southern California with her fiance Kevin, and their husky/lab mix Koda, where she teaches classes from home!

Keresey lives for the “feels” in class when the beat drops and you push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of. She loves electronic music and the way the bass connects to your soul, and wants her classes to feel like a music festival. She also loves baking, longboarding through the neighborhood, and going to the beach. In 2021, she plans to continue her education in psychology through a P.h. D program, which will allow her to make a bigger impact in the lives of others.